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Peak Family Counseling


MA, LPC (Colorado and Texas), NCC,
EC-4 Texas Certified Teacher

From a young age I have had an intuition and desire for healthy communication, advocation of self, and conflict resolution. Throughout my life I have pursued my passions for fun, authenticity, intentionality, and engagement with life and the people around me. I have been humbled, challenged, and disappointed with myself and others. I have also experienced freedom, triumph, trust, and joy in myself and others.


Life experiences, career paths, and education have brought me to a place where it is my deepest desire to walk alongside individuals and families in a way that helps them to face their hardships and struggles with grace and strength. Choosing to enter counseling is a step of humility and bravery. It is a choice to acknowledge where you are and where you want to be, then inviting someone on the journey to help you in the process. I fully believe that counseling can be a pivotal, and personalized, tool that can help someone climb through their struggles to reach their peak potential. That's where I am honored and privileged to step in!


 My areas of specialty include working with families and individuals needing help in the following areas:

Reactive Attachment Disorder/Attachment Issues

Neurodivergence (Autism Spectrum Disorder & ADHD)

Behavioral & Emotional Regulation




Divorce/Blended Families/Co-Parenting


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Our relaxing and warm environment
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"Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it"

Helen Keller

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