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Storage containers for art and craft


Explore ways to take your personal growth to the next level, into your everyday life, and make what may seem out of reach feel practical. Here's a caveat: These are suggestions I have found to be helpful for individuals, couples, and families, and personally...I may not endorse or believe that one hundred percent of the resources referenced will make a positive impact for you...but they might, so engage at your own risk.

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Storage containers for art and craft

Tips, Tools, Tricks, Tries and Traditions for Families

This is where it gets quite a bit vulnerable and are things I have tried and have triumphed or tanked, or, most likely, have landed somewhere in between. I am a firm believer in throwing around a million ideas with the hopes that surely one will be a good one, and...for goodness sakes, let's find fun whenever and wherever we can! 

Weekly Family Rituals
  • Meal Planning

  • Chore Chart

  • "Dessert Friday": Rather than having candy and treats all throughout the week. we go big on Fridays! This is an opportunity to be in the kitchen together and learn how to bake and create new desserts.

  • Family Game Night This builds collaboration skills, laughter, healthy competition, and teamwork

  • Family Dinners As busy as our schedules can be, prioritize time around the dining table together as a family. This is an opportunity to press "pause" on life to connect with one another

  • Date Night Specific and intentional 1:1 time with mom and child, dad and child, and mom with dad

  •  Read and Feed Choose a book series to read aloud together as a family. Pop some popcorn, bake some cookies, and enjoy!

  • Fondue Party We have a fondue party while watching the movie following reading book together...Ex: We read a Harry Potter book, then watch the movie together before reading the next book in the series

  • Family Show Choose an age appropriate show series that you watch together...Survivor has been, American Idol, Stranger Things (with our teens), Secrets at Sulphur Springs, Gilmore Girls..just to name a few that has been fun for us.

Holiday Traditions


  • Birthday Waffles: Funny Face waffles with candy, fruit and whipped cream, on the morning of their Birthday

  • Birthday Dinner: This is a special time where your family can come together and show some love and celebration of the Birthday girl/boy! Write letters/cards, give praises, prayers, and encouragements during that special dinner. 


  • Advent Calendar: I fill the days with a variety of items, ranging from candy, fidget toys, family activities (ice skating, Christmas Light tours, seeing the Nutcracker, etc.), Acts of Service (Angel Tree, baked goods for teachers, Shoebox Christmas, serving in food pantry, helping at homeless shelter)

New Years Eve

  • "New Year's Eve Party: From 8pm-midnight, my kids open a bag each hour with an activity leading up to the Ball dropping.

8pm: Bake/fix dessert together

9pm: New Family game

10pm: Saran Wrap prize ball

11pm: Sparklers, Champagne/Sparkling Cider, party hats, poppers, noise makers, Past Years' Reflection and New Years' Resolution game/cards

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